Developing heart diagnosis technologies with collaborative approaches

During the past post we have been talking about participatory medicine and participatory healthcare, with a powerful example of stroke prevention. Participatory approaches produce great results because different stakeholders are involved in the process and the bring in not only all their different needs and perspectives, but come out with an integrated approach without a power negotiation, but with a win win mentality.

But you do not have to involve all stakeholders. Sometimes it is enough that you break the silo and talk to your colleague next door. To see what incredible results for heart diagnosis this very simple step produces, just watch the TED talk by Dr Nassir Marrouche. He managed with his fellow hospital colleagues –with whom he had not work collaboratively before- to develop an amazing technology to identify sick heart tissue, and thus transform the medical approach from reactive to preventive avoiding heart attacks instead of treating them.

Written by Carlos Bezos Daleske
Director IEXP