Training days in patient co-creation for healthcare and pharma industry

By Andrés Dochao, partner at ValueCreation

At ValueCreation and in association with our partner organization New Health Foundation we have organized recently several training days with participants from the healthcare world, from hospitals and patient associations up to pharma laboratories and professional groups of nurses, caregivers, etc.

The goal of this training days is simple: on one side show to participants how patient co-creation can be useful to them and on the other side get a feed back from users if patient engagement and patient co-creation makes sense and adds value to them.

ciball carlosExperiencing co-creation
In all cases we have identified a high implication level and professionalism by all healthcare participants. And due to this commitment, we really went in depth in the co-creation methodologies and tried to produce an experience instead of a training: a demo workshop where they could try and experience on their own how it works.

Patient insights
In one of the training days that took place in Madrid Carlos Bezos showed how patient co-creation is helping healthcare and pharma organizations to adopt necessary technological changes and applying new models for communication with patients and families. In this sense we saw how the experience of Novartis in India or of Ourense Hospital (Northwest Spain), as well as of Alzheimer caregivers associations proves that patient work gives very valuable insights about context, al what happens before the drug crosses the patient’s life and befor the pain obviously. Insights that are difficult to gather with classical market studies, not denying at all that they are useful.

What goals do we pursue? As an image of what value can be achieved, we retained the experience of diabetes patients in the UK that co-designed with healthcare services means to reduce hospital visits by increasing exercise time using flashmobs and other community tools co-created by them.

Art and therapy
During another training day, this time in Seville, we got acquainted with new techniques on how to stimulate patient engagement using art as therapy, as well as the problem discovery and solution generation process. Andrés Dochao conducted a workshop where these techniques were trained and also how to create a patient profile and patient experience map as a tool for better knowledge.

IMG-20131212-WA0009To experience so lively patient’s problems lead us to identify new working paths. Due to the time scarcity of a demo, these solutions could only be appointed, but participants left with good ideas to work in their organizations. Also, Emilio Herrera, resident of the New Health Foundation, was able to touch participants, sharing his experience with patients and their families during the very hard moments of good bye to life when it comes to an end.

We had also another interesting and productive experience with a participant from a pharma company on how to improve patient communication and how to engage patients so that they know better the company’s therapies and how to obtain shared insights on symptomps, profilaxis, diet, exercise, etc.

Particpant’s feed back
In all workshops the feed back of healthcare and pharma professionals was excellent. 100% would recommend the experience to a colleague. Although 33% of participants had already some previous knowledge, 90% found the workshops very practical. Indeed, 67% ensured to apply the learning in their work in a short time. Attendant valued particularly the participation of very different profiles and professional backgrounds; also that the methodology lead them to reflect about issues they should work on in their organizations.

IMG-20131212-WA0000Criticism was unanimous: all workshops were perceived as very short of time and more time was demanded. This proves that a workshop is only a starting point to explore a full universe of possibilities. As a matter of fact, many assistants showed interest in deeper knowledge, so that in the last months we had occasion to know several hospitals and pharma companies. For this reason we will repeat surely the experience soon. May be we can meet in the next months in your city.

Written by Carlos Bezos Daleske
Director IEXP