Health technology and medical devices

Chronic patient empowerment platform Pacientalia®

The alliance with Acuam Healthcare allows us to enlarge our strength with Pacientalia®, a social app that allows encounter collaboration and empowerment among chronic patients. Patient centricty, therapy launch and adherence projects are enriched by a great amount of digital insights and big data as well as quantitative anlysis that consolidate the quality data gathered by scientific research and the use of PROM and PREM. Pacientalia® is a tool for patient empowerment as well as channel for active listening for all industry players and healthcare professionals.

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Digital transformation of patient experience

A good digital patient experience means prescription and loyalty. After the Covid19 crisis, hospitals and clinics need an effective and quick way to digitalize several care and communication processes. Technology is not enough, but is essential that processes an technology are patient oriented in order to guarantee acceptance and reduce technological failure rate. Gain referrals and ensure patient loyalty with a patient centered technology.

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Patient Experience Lab (PX Lab)

Patient Experience Lab is an incubator for healthcare technology in co-operation between the La Princesa Hospital (Madrid) and IEXP, where healthcare technologies and medical devices are co-developed with the participation of patients and relevant actors of the ecosystem. It boosts conventional living lab methodologies by including participatory healthcare methods that are evidence based and validated. Besides the development of technologies, a great amount of insights and valuable data are produced for customers and pharmaceutical companies.

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Patients First digital accreditation

Your digital services are patient centered?

Patients First differentiates hospitals and clinics whose digital processes are patient centered from the rest because it is a seal where patients are part of the evaluation process. Unlike traditional accreditations the cost is very low and the impact very high.

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Design of patient centered healthcare technology

The technological failure rate in healthcare is situated between 70% and 90%. In order to ensure market acceptance and increase success probabilities it is advisable to know what the patient experience regarding the pathology or situation the technology aims to improve. It is key to use co-creation and co-design methodologies and finally ensure that the technology produces changes in patients’ real life by using PROMs and PREMs.

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