Hospitals, clinics and insurance companies

Patient experiecne strategy and structuration

We help to define Patient Experience strategies and structure it down to the level of protocols and SOPs according to the 3 milestones® process (M-001010/2019) of patient experience.


Understand patient' experience and uncovered needs throughout the journey. Identify meaningful insights and provide professionals with direct feedback.


Involve patients and professionals to transform patient experience, improve performance, reduce costs and turn insights into actions. We focus on three benefits: clinical, quality of life and economic improvement.


Measurement of results according to scientifically validated scales and using AI, big data and business intelligence.


Patients First Certification® patient-centered hospital.


Big data, artificial intelligence, business intelligence, chatbot and 3D audio to improve patient experience.


Cancer Patient School. Feel free to ask for information


Training in patient experience.

Complete outsourcing of the Patient Experience process

Patient Experience is an increasingly demanded service, but training and developing staff is not always cost effective.

IEXP assumes the full management of Patient Experience by offering the following services in close collaboration with the quality of care department:

  • Structuring: strategy, process and protocols.
  • Indicators according to validated scales.
  • Daily management.
  • Data management and business intelligence.
  • Training and involvement of staff, as well as updating.
  • Collaboration in the scientific field and publications.

Our differential value in practice


Listening to patients and stakeholders in the ecosystem allows a complete view of market and customer needs.


More efficient and profitable protocols.

Real World Evidence

Understand the complete context of the client: meaningful data.

Clinical results

Incorporation of indicators and validated scales.


Identify critical profiles and their needs.


Patient-centered clinical prescription as an impact reinforcement to the prescription based on scientific evidence.

Lasting relationships

Create lasting and meaningful relationships with healthcare professionals, patient associations and other actors in the ecosystem.

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