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The Embryologist of the future as specialists in human centred design

In the world of artificial reproduction (ART), the physician is the visible face to the patient. But treatments would have no success chance without the hidden work done in the embryology lab. There, like in an ex vivo uterus, technology imitates nature and produces the miracle of conception. This miracle is possible thanks to the […]

10 Tips for savvy travellers
What do patients expect from healthcare organizations

Today we have a special guest writing in our blog. It is José María Iribarren, Patient Experience Director of the Spanish Healthcare Service in Navarra. Usually in this blog we approach to patient experience from a close and micro point of view; an ethnographic approach. For this reason we find it interesting to know if […]

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When patients cheat

Last week we made an evaluation of all complains that were done by patients at IVF-SPAIN during the second quarter of 2015. According to protocol, complains have to be answered as priorities. But once in a quarter we like to make a little qualitative ex-post evaluation. 6% of patients complain in written or oral form […]

10 Tips for savvy travellers
When citizens co-design healthcare services – the case of Participle in the UK

By Kate Bagley, Participle Participle is an amazing non-profit organization that contributes in a very interesting way to patient centeredness and to better healthcare services in the British National Healthcare System (NHS) by using –as the name suggests- participation as one of the main tools. Participle’s projects have a very interesting impact in terms of […]

10 Tips for savvy travellers
Patient-centred care – what we can learn from nurse conversations

“Should I tell my child that it is born out from egg donation?” asked a patient to a nurse I a Southern England fertility clinic. Other patients seek not ethical but directly medical advice from nurses. It is normal that patients ask nurses and assistants, but it is not normal that they address medical questions. […]

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