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Los pacientes importan: IEXP y HumanITcare se alían para mejorar la calidad de los ensayos clínicos y la adherencia a los tratamientos

El Instituto para la Experiencia del Paciente (IEXP) y HumanITcare se alían para mejorar el bienestar de los pacientes, combinando la potencia de datos de la plataforma tecnológica con la alta calidad de insights y thick data de IEXP. La plataforma de HumanItCare proporciona a los pacientes datos sobre sus tratamientos sin que tengan que […]

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Patient Experience in Fertility 1: Conclusions of Eshre 2016

On Wednesday july 6th this year’s conference of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embriology (ESHRE) closed successfully its 2016 edition in Helsinki. As a medical congress, it is natural that most of the over 300 lectures dealt with medical, surgical, embryology and genetic issues. Yet the total amount of lectures dealing with patient issues […]

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The power of participatory healthcare: stroke prevention as an example

In the last post of 2015 we discussed about participatory medicine as a future trend that is becoming more and more important in everyday practice. Indeed, it would be more correct to talk about participatory healthcare, since patient work has not only impact on therapeutic or clinical aspects but also on processes, management or prevention. […]

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My «Stroke of Luck” and how it led to my 7 Steps to Recovery App

In late summer we published the experience of a brave team of nurses and technologists, that co-designed an app for kidney patients together with patients. Today we bring the story of a stroke patient, whose recovery experience lead to an app to help others to recover from a stroke. A true case of patient co-creation driven […]

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Four arrhythmias and (luckily) no funeral

May be this post is a bit long, but it will be certainly useful to define what s patient experience. We present the case of one single patient –written by him- because in a short time he had to be taken admitted 4 times in 3 different hospitals due to atrial fibrillation. Applying ethnographic analysis […]

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Cuando los ciudadanos co-diseñan servicios de salud: el caso de Participle en Gran Bretaña

Por Kate Bagley, Participle Participle es una organización sin ánimo de lucro muy particular que contribuye de una forma muy creativa e interesante a la orientación a paciente y a mejores servicios en el sistema de salud británico (NHS). Como su nombre indica, la participación es una de sus principales herramientas de trabajo. Los proyectos […]

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When citizens co-design healthcare services – the case of Participle in the UK

By Kate Bagley, Participle Participle is an amazing non-profit organization that contributes in a very interesting way to patient centeredness and to better healthcare services in the British National Healthcare System (NHS) by using –as the name suggests- participation as one of the main tools. Participle’s projects have a very interesting impact in terms of […]

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How to build a patient intelligence system

Professor Horcajadas, the well know specialist for reproductive genetics with 45 international papers on the issue, compares the difference between traditional genetic techniques and sequencing with fishing. “Using sequencing is like having an industrial fishing net, while traditional techniques are like using a fishing rod”. But he warns, that “the quality of data in the […]

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Patient intelligence versus electronic medical records

In the last post we saw that despite a huge amount of data in electronical medical records and other IT systems supporting healthcare, our knowledge on patients is little. This knowledge gap makes a huge difference in terms of therapeutic effectiveness and of costs. In one example the difference between data and knowledge meant spending […]

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Psychological factors in IVF treatments – can improved patient experience improve pregnancy outcomes?

It has been a longer time since I haven’t posted in the blog. It was a stressfull time, but before the summer leave I would love to share a bit of the ethnographic and patient experience work in fertility I am currently involved in. Many of you know for sure stories were an infertile couple […]

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